Black. In Love and In White…

Black in Love

One of the dopest things in the world is being blessed to be Black and being blessed by Black culture. Let’s face it, we are the blueprint when it comes to mainstream and pop culture. We give of ourselves tirelessly and endlessly to the entertainment, political, and social worlds with little to no return on our investment. Hello, cultural appropriation, stereotypical delegation, and the massive killing and incarceration of Blacks. Despite the continuous misgivings of society and America as a whole, we keep giving. Now we’ve had to make plenty of adjustments along the way by creating spaces that allow us to celebrate and be celebrated. The collective capability of Black people to keep going in the face of pure unadulterated evil can only be born out of love. Love for oneself, love for each other, and love for the community at large. As our girl Issa so eloquently put it, “I’m rooting for everybody Black.” Sure we’ve got work to do, but who doesn’t. Our collective failures and shortcomings DO NOT and SHOULD NOT define us. They are simply opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt. So what does  Black in love look like? Pssst, I’ll tell you a secret. We’re already doing it. How? Just look around, it exists in business, parenting, leadership, advocacy, community, education and so much more. 

Black in White

One of the biggest challenges in the world is to be born Black. We are faced with obstacles from day one and at every turn. I am in awe of how well we continue to overcome time and time again but then I am quickly reminded that The Ancestors wouldn’t have it any other way. The double-edged sword to all of this is that we were built to be Resilient, stoic, forgiving, and persistent. To be Black in White is to go unseen or worse, to only be seen through the lens of White supremacy. Black in White is redlining, disenfranchisement, gentrification, and the gaping hole in this country’s wealth gap. It is mass incarceration, school funding, and standardized testing in our education system which feeds the school-to-prison pipeline. It is both unemployment and underemployment, over-policing, and being pandered to during the voting season. While these were just some of the highlights, being Black in White includes so much more. I’d be remiss not to mention that being Black in White also includes the mass-murders of Black bodies for simply existing. 

We have been written off literally, figuratively, and violently in more ways than one. Seriously, I often question this elusive fight for justice. After the year that we’ve had, you’d think that the “fight for justice” would be much further along than it actually is but, spoiler alert, it’s not!. So, the real question is does justice, specifically justice for Black people, really exist? I don’t think that it does. 

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