Can We Talk? A Brief Conversation & 8 Tips To Follow If 45 Is Re-elected

Look, somebody has to pose the question. So, I figured I might as well be the one to ask it. Can we talk? Seriously, we need to take a few minutes to discuss some things. Unlike Tevin -damn, shit was so simple then- I wanna know what in the entire hell do things look like for black folk in the event 45 is re-elected? I know some of y’all have already clutched your invisible pearls and choked on air. Legit, I know the thought is traumatizing but we need to have a real convo about this and consider the other side of this thing. Efforts to get the word out and vote have been both valiant and record-breaking but, we shouldn’t celebrate too soon. Voter intimidation and suppression has taken over this election like Cash Money Records. Also, need I remind everyone of the infamous recount between Bush vs. Gore. I’m just sayin, shit is A LOT worse now. They’re saying Florida, with their stank-ass 29 electoral votes, could reprise its role as the determining factor or throw us into confusion altogether.

If there’s one thing that we should have learned from Election Day 2016, it’s that nothing is absolute. Many would argue that Trump should have never won. Statistically our overall health as a community has deteriorated and our collective mental health is even more grim. After the figurative ass whoopin 2020 has given us, one would think that Election Day might offer up a reprieve. Negative! Please don’t buy into the lie that ppl are so disgusted with 45 that the masses are going to show out and vote left.  This pandemic has shown me that a vast majority of this country’s citizens, ‘skinfolk’ included, are happy with the status quo and the re-election of Trump is still very likely.

Now, the re-election of Trump doesn’t have to spell disaster, it can however, be the catalyst for change that we need. As unpopular of an opinion as this is, I feel that he may be re-elected. But, instead of wallowing in gloom and doom, we should be ready to hit the ground running. We need to be ready to take off with whatever plan of action necessary to be able to successfully navigate another four years. Sure, #blaxit sounds nice, but for a large majority of us, that’s only a dream. Many don’t even have a passport and for those that do, where will they go given Americans are kind of banned from traveling to most countries right now.

So what can we do if Trump is re-elected? Here are 8 tips to get you started:

  • Panic, Process, and Pivot. Here’s the thing, if 45 isn’t served an eviction notice on 11/3 many will freak the fudge out, and rightfully so. While panicking may be the obvious 1st emotion, you simply cannot afford to stay there fam. You gotta move on like Mya. Take a moment to process your emotions, we owe it to ourselves to acknowledge our feelings. But don’t wallow around too long, process for a couple days and cha-cha slide on over to the pivot party. To be honest, pivoting shouldn’t be too hard as we do it all the time. Take a minute and strategize the next move m. This is especially important for my community and social justice advocates.
  • Plan and Prepare. In case of an emergency, please make sure that your refrigerator, pantry, and cabinets are well-stocked. Like the saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Work all of the escalating mayhem and many folks out here on their #worstbehavior, do not find yourself I’ll prepared because you have to get out amongst these irrational people to make a store run or get medication. Call that script in now and do your best to get your ass to the grocery store and stock up on the essentials.
  • Conduct Research. A re-election will look different for the varying demographics within our communities and it’s important that we understand this. It would be beneficial to do the work to understand how our respective communities will be impacted. Doing so will help us to devise our strategy from tip #1. Case in point, there have been a slew of appointments underneath this administration. Judge Amy Coney Barrett was just confirmed solidifying a 6-3 conservative presence on the court which has many concerned about reproductive rights and healthcare. But we should also be mindful and aware of these federal and circuit court appointments that have more of a direct impact on the systems that govern us.
  • Don’t Stop. I know it’s a cool thing to say from time to time, but legit, the revolution will not be televised. Don’t be out here in these COVID-19 streets clashing clicks, likes, and photo-ops. We have enough people who are full of smoke and mirrors. This shit is serious. You have to do the work understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re gonna sign up for a cause, you must commit. Oftentimes our lives depend on the very change we’re fighting for. In the words of the late great Nipsey Hussle, The marathon continues.”
  • Don’t Make Rash Decisions. There has been a lot of conversation around getting your passport. Getting and/or renewing your passport is great. And no, this is not so you can denounce your citizenship and become an expatriate somewhere else. No shade to those who have and will decide to leave, but relocating to another neighborhood can be difficult AF! You’re not gonna make me believe that relocating to another country is easier or better. Remember colonialism had a hell of a world tour, the PR campaign is unmatched. Therefore racism is EVERYWHERE! My suggestion is that you reference tip #3 and #4 by conducting research and doing the work  to successfully transition you and your family to another country. 
  • Bear Arms. Yes you should already be exercising your 2nd amendment rights. If you haven’t, idk what you’re waiting for. I am a firm believer that we should all be strapped. Why? Well f there’s one thing I’ve learned outside of America’s obsession with guns is that our system doesn’t favor us and doesn’t play fair. Self-defense is the best defense.
  • Seek Therapy. If you don’t have a therapist, you are doing you and your family a disservice. After all the planning, preparation, research, advocating, and fighting a reprieve will be needed. Always prioritize your mental health. Remember, peace of mind is EVERYTHING!
  • Pray. Pray. Repeat. And then, pray some more

By all means this list is not all inclusive and should be added to. The main thing is that we channel our inner Tevin and spark conversation amongst ourselves. I hope this post helps and sets your mental gears in motion to have these necessary talks. Are you concerned about Election Day drama? Have you already begun preparing for foolishness? And most importantly, have you already voted? Let me know on the comments.

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