Death All Around Us

Yesterday Brandon Bernard was killed by the U.S. government and a system that disproportionately sends black men to the slaughter and on a whim and at a moment’s notice.  Yesterday, over 3000 people died from the coronavirus and we are on track to match that number again today. By Sunday evening as we all settle in and mentally prepare for the shit sh- I mean the week ahead, it is likely that someone close to us or another celebrity will have lost their lives to COVID, senseless crime, or an unannounced bout with a chronic disease. I have legit experienced all of these this week, I guess death couldn’t wait until Sunday. 

With death all around us, ready to meet us at any moment; it seems folly to have killed a man for a crime that he committed at 18. But as Childish Gambino painfully reminds us, This Is America, and we have to be constantly reminded that black lives matter. Once reminded of the harsh reality of living black in America, it’s easy to see how the pleas and multiple initiatives to issue a pardon and save Brandon Bernard’s life fell on deaf ears. 

Ears that don’t hear, listen or give the slightest notion of sensitivity. Ears that consistently tune out black voices and turn down the noise that arises from communities that have been targeted by heavy policing and infiltrated by the school to prison pipeline. 

For the naysayers who feel as if Brandon deserved to die and feel that justice was served, I offer you the gift of silence. If you are compelled to say something, then I happily extend to you these fcuk’s as they are plentiful. I also call bs and will reference the corrupted and unjust institutions that have exonerated or never prosecuted countless thugs in badges and klansmen in robes with a gavel by their side. And if you still have something to say, then yes, you leave me no other choice other than to remind your amnesiac bias ass of slavery. 

As we round out these final days of Jumanji level 746, let’s not be afraid to call a thing by its name. Brandon Bernard was murdered like so many others by our criminal justice system that is obsessed with killing black bodies. 

Despite a high profile celebrity driven clemency campaign this administration was determined to stand its ground. Bernard is one of five death sentences planned to be carried out before the Despot in Chief is removed from office. It’s no surprise that Mr. Mandarin is binge/killing in these final days. The election results have proven just how sore of a loser he really is and despite the multiple attempts to steal an election that he refuses to concede he would rather kill individuals already serving life sentences to prove a point. I’m certain he’s aware that President-elect Biden is staunchly opposed to capital punishment. Yet somehow he was able to extend a pardon to the likes of characters such as Michael Flynn.

We deserve better, my son deserves better, and we can do better.

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