Ready or Not, You Can’t Hide: The Lesser of Two Evils

With only a few weeks left until Election Day, things are getting heated. The Republicans have fledged full speed ahead and confirmed of Amy Coney Barrett, 45 both caught and beat COVID just in time to host a crowd surfing rally in lieu of his refusal to participate in a virtual presidential debate, and Ice Cube was on track to be cancelled before the end of the month. To add to the chaos of the already scheduled program of, “America the Series Finale,” early voting is well underway and voter suppression has never been more blatant. As the Fugees so eloquently remind us throughout this iconic song, “you can’t hide.” Not from the shit show that is our democracy, the pending election, coronavirus, or life itself.

With all of this pre-apocalyptic energy swarming, you’d think people, especially black folks would flock to the polls. Yet, we still have those who are still on the fence. A choice between the lesser of two evils has been a common theme throughout this entire campaign. On one hand you have those who refuse to let go of the past policies and ideologies of Biden/Harris and on the other, there are those who cannot even make heads or tails of the current Commander in Chief’s policies. Then you have some who have dropped the f-bomb altogether and decided to sit this one out.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, a decision has to be made. Yes it should have been Bernie that was backed by the blue and I know the other side is pulling out all of the stops in attempts to intimidate and suppress the vote; fear is funny in that way. But, no matter what, a decision must be made. You see, politicians and interest groups alike have lied to you. There aren’t multiple parties when it comes down to the general election. America is a two-party system and the only options are to vote red or blue. Yea yea, I know there are the Libertarians and the Green Party, and Diddy is sponsoring this so-called new party that was previously founded by a black woman (so I don’t see how it’s really new but I digress). Not to be rude, but these other parties are simply options to check off the diversity, equity, and inclusion box. I would love to believe that we have evolved from the antiquities of a two-party system but, we simply have not.

The past three and a half years have been tumultuous and #45’s presidency will undoubtedly be one for the history books. While I still hold true that the Democrats have done little to appeal to their constituents-perhaps because it’s too diverse to meet everyone’s needs- I also understand that we have bigger fish to fry and have decided to play the red or blue game. Will you vote simply to remove the current occupant at 1600? Possibly. Should we forgive and forget Biden’s sponsorship of the 1994 Crime Bill? Hell no! Is Biden better than #45 and HRC combined? Some would argue that he is, but let’s just agree that he is certainly more palatable.

Like the song says, “ready or not hear I come, you can’t hide.” Regardless of where you stand, just no that your vote or non-vote matters and your actions or lack thereof will, much like the recent Senate confirmation of now Justice Barrett, have a lasting impact for generations to come.

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