So Anxious…

Unfortunately for us, this anxiety is hitting different than it did for the ‘99 and the 2000 when Ginuwine dropped this epic body -rolling record. I don’t know about y’all but anxieties are running high as election day gets closer. Hell, race relations have gotten so bad you can cut the tension with a knife and don’t even get me started on this deplorable ass behavior America is on right now. Instead of doing like the song says to, “meet me at 11:30, I love it when you talking dirty,” and engage in a little extracurricular activity (wink, wink). We’re gonna be meeting on 11/3, specifically at the polls, to engage in the right to vote because the current Commander in Chief is allowing all manner of dirty things to go down on his watch.

Seriously though, with almost 220,000 deaths from COVID-19 to massive unemployment, feeling anxious is normal. Feelings of anxiety typically set in prior to a big event occurring or when faced with uncertainty. 2020 has been all of this and more as we’ve been in a season of anticipation all damn year. We are making our final rounds as we go into these last episodes of, “ America the Series Finale,” and prepare for the election. So, how could 11/3 potentially impact us if our collective anxieties are pushed past the threshold of tolerability? Well fam, it definitely would spell disaster and disappointment in a major way for many. Therapist and mental health professionals will need to be on standby as emotions will surely have boiled TF over. Plus, it will be necessary to address the community as a whole to coalesce around a strategy and a way forward if faced with the re-election of Chief Cheetoh.

Anxious feelings are running high on both sides because of the uncertainty surrounding 45 being served an eviction notice. Will there be a peaceful transfer of power? Will he discharge the Proud Boys in a final ploy to assert dominion over all? Hell we just don’t know, but this is 2020 and stranger things continue happening. You can also see and feel the anxiousness in the behaviors of people. All year there’s been a run on everything from toilet tissue to guns. Hell, I just made a four hour round trip drive to purchase a gun last week. They were out of ammo so I had to go online to make that purchase. We are all feeling it right now.

Peoples behavior changes drastically when they are feeling anxious. Legit, they feel so anxious they start buying shit they cannot use or simply don’t need. Idk how many of us have purchased guns that will only serve as paperweights because of failure to purchase or find ammo. Personally, I’d get the ammo first and the gun second. Keep in mind most of these purchases are for both home and self-defense. And with, all of the dog whistles that have come out of this administration along with the blatant racism and violent attacks being exhibited towards black people, being strapped isn’t a bad idea. Just make sure you do your research before you go spending your money.

No matter the outcome on 11/3, we will have to deal with our anxieties either way. Contrary to popular belief, the election of Biden/Harris won’t see our problems magically go away. Instead we must continue to fight, lift our voices, and push for change. If I’m honest, we need to stop being so anxious because unlike everybody else, many of our lives depend on it. Make sure to make your voice heard and go vote.

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