Thinkin About It | Trump, Karma, and The Election

Let the church say YEESsssss! Won’t He do it! Man, talk about a full circle moment. After being held hostage for four days as the senior usher board counted up the remaining votes in key battleground states, we were released on Saturday morning. The whole ordeal was emotionally taxing. To be such a close race after almost four years of racist rhetoric and divide says A LOT about who we are at the core and is a glaring alarm that needs to be addressed. 

But, let’s table that conversation for another day and discuss our current Narcissist In Chief, Donald John Trump. My, oh my how the tables have turned. And, while this election wasn’t an all out repudiation of #45; Black America was clear in its message. “You gotta go!” As the late great Gerald Levert and R&B crooner says, “What goes around always comes around.” Now Brother Levert was obviously addressing his ladies promiscuous ways but, was #45 not freaky, promiscuous, and downright nasty in both his approach and how he governed this country over the last 3 ½ years?

This election was a message from Black America and others alike that said we’re done. To quote Brother Levert once more, “Why must I endure your constant greed. Your endless need to be so damn freaky.” From partying with Putin to calling white supremacists, “very fine people” it was too much.  Enough was enough! And as many have already pointed out, Black America, specifically Black women, had to step-in and save us from ourselves. 

#45s insatiable appetite and obsession with dominion, power, and the win was sadistic AF. The narcissism that emanates from his pores kept him isolated, shallow, and withdrawn from reality. Beyond saving democracy for future generations, this election was a rejection of #45 who although has been rejected from day one has not had to deal with the gravity of his actions and enjoyed the protected privilege of the presidency. This is different. Whether he likes it or not, this is where he will be forced to grapple with himself. And quite honestly, he needs to think about what TF he’s done! 

Now will this change anything about him? Hell no! But as the saying goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Going into 2020, there was no doubt in my mind that #45 would be re-elected. But God had a ram in the bush. His response to COVID-19 (which is surging again), if you can call it that, was trash. He handled this pandemic so badly that his certain re-election was placed in jeopardy. Now a rational person would have read the room, listened to his advisers, and made the necessary adjustments to secure his seat. Oh but not our Narcissist in Chief. With all of his grandstanding and larger than life personality, he was never going to put away childish things. What we see now are the beginning stages of grief and loss. He’s going to throw some serious man-baby tantrums and hang out heavily in stages 1 & 2 over the next couple of months. So now, just like a child, he has been relegated to his big ass room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or that damn golf course to think about his actions and what he’s done. 

Hopefully he’ll be compelled to “change his freaky ways.” Clearly none of us will hold our collective breaths waiting on that elusive change. Fortunately for us, elections have consequences and the consequences for his actions don’t allow for a do over. Donald John Trump, you’re fired!

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